Стоматолог Глеб Пекли рассказал о тонкостях работы со звёздами
Meet Gleb Baked – professional dentist and founder of the country’s only network of narrow InSmile dental Studio.

Стоматолог Глеб Пекли рассказал о тонкостях работы со звёздами

Tell us about Your star patients? Is it difficult to work with them?

Hello. I am very grateful for the trust of celebrities. They are pleasant and listen to my opinion, from a professional point of view. And it can not but rejoice. I am pleased to see your smile the stars from the TV screen, social.networking or in person.

With many stars of friends?

With her star guests, I’m friends. We communicate, but most are seen at scheduled examinations in the clinic, as with our modern lifestyle it is not always possible to see beyond the walls of the clinic.

Would like themselves to become a media celebrity or to try yourself in the role of singer/actor?

I’m all for experiments, so if you see such an offer, naturally, will accept it. I believe that people should expand their limits.

TOP 5 tips of dental care.

1. Of course, first, it is regular visits to your dentist and professional oral hygiene.
2. Strengthening the enamel. In addition to the removal of sensitivity, it is also an excellent prevention of caries.
3. Correct home care Your dentist.
4. Cleaning of interdental contacts. Remember, a toothbrush only cleans 65% of the plaque and food residue on the teeth. The interdental space so you’ll be zamerenim. So, our friends – even dental floss and oral irrigator.
5. And, of course, I believe that it is necessary to revise your diet and get rid of bad habits, if any.

Your positioning of the SPA for the mouth. Tell us more about it?

I always thought about how to change the culture towards health and beauty of their teeth. To remove the syndrome of “Soviet dentistry” and to convey the idea that a smile is the most expensive business card.
Born InSmile Dental Lounge – the first in Russia and in the world Studio professional care, smiling, SPA for the mouth.
We are changing the stereotypes in relation to their health, comfort make failure all the myths and fears associated with individual preventive health of the teeth and bleaching the enamel.

You are a professional athlete. How You manage to combine?

From childhood I was into sports – at that time it was basketball and kickboxing, but now – it is only activities in the hall. I think that you need to keep yourself in shape, regardless of the workload in another area.

What would You recommend to our readers?

I wish all the readers health and happiness. And to recommend only that if you have a dream, be sure to go forward, while maintaining patience and calm. After all, this is one of those summands of the component indicators for Your success and promotion of You as a person, as a person.

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