Денис Шведов готовится стать дважды отцом The actor already has a daughter Miroslava, who was born in 2016. Denis Shvedov, and Alexander Rosovsky waiting for replenishment in the family. They are deliberately not find out the sex of the baby and live in anticipation of the appearance of the baby born.

Actor of the TV series “Tatyana’s day”, “Major” and “Method” Denis Shvedov is preparing to become a father for the second time. The actor and his wife Alexandra Rozovskaya a daughter Miroslava, who was born in 2016. soon the girl will have a little brother or sister. For the actors the imminent appearance of the baby born was a pleasant surprise.

“Ourselves did not expect that, although discussed. Went with three daughter Mira to the sea and there, wherever we came from – to the beach, in a Museum or in a café, everywhere met couples with children class. Among themselves good-naturedly sneered: look at those poor-poor parents, and we – with one child – still free, happy. Upon return we makola universe: here, discuss others, and now others discuss you. In the theatre, joking: results of the theatre season Sasha Rozovskii – out of the maternity leave and maternity leave,” – said the wife Shvedova.

The man did not hide that his wife built other plans for the near future, but now she will have to review them. He is only happy future family member. When he became a father for the first time, it was very worried how it will change his life.

“It turns out that now I can do without partying at night. And it’s so new. Conditional based on some kind of emotion, adrenaline, parties leave without brittle, something very organic. I’ve been recently on offer to go somewhere to hang out said, “No, I’m to the child”. It was necessary to remove at this point my face. He was stunned by what he had said,” admitted Dennis.

Alexander is happy that her husband takes an active part in the upbringing of the child. She notices Shvedova anxious to daughter. According to Rosowski, Dennis is a great dad, he often gives her the opportunity to relax. The couple said that dreamed about her daughter, although, according to many, should have been born a boy. The artists admitted in an interview with the magazine Hello!, do not hurry to learn the sex of the baby.

“At a time when there will be a new man, then we’ll know. In which the alleged circumstances we will put life in them and will play” – said Denis.