Денис Шведов вновь стал отцом The civil wife of actor Alexander Rosovsky gave birth to her second child. About it the actress said on his page on Instagram. The baby was born in a festive Sunday for Easter.

That Denis Shvedov and his civil wife actress Alexandra Rozovskaya will become parents, the media reported a week ago. The actor and his fiancee tried not to dwell on the fact that their family is waiting for replenishment. Denis Alexander and a daughter Miroslav, the girl will soon be two years.

Worlds now have have a baby brother. This was announced by happy mom on his page in Instagram. Alexander posted a photo of the Perinatal center “Mother and child” – a delicate bouquet of flowers hanging tag with the data of the newborn: sex – male, weight – 3290, growth – 53. Short and emotional with the traditional signature for this pair the hashtag #Mirobiological.

“We did not go to the Procession. We gave birth to a son”, – signed photo of a happy mom.

Star of TV series “Major” and “Treason” Denis Swedes met Alexander Rosovsky, the daughter of the famous Director, the head of the “Theater at Nikitsky gate” Mark Rozovsky. Young people serve in the Russian Academic youth theater. Denis and Alexander together for about five years. Almost two years ago they first became parents, they had a daughter. Actors admitted in interviews that they deliberately did not find out the sex of the baby, although Denis wanted to have a girl. The second pregnancy was unexpected for the couple, but also like last time, they refused to see who they will be born a girl or a boy.

“At a time when there will be a new man, then we’ll know. In which the alleged circumstances we will put life in them and will play” – said Denis.

Now Alexandra and Denis had two children. Fans of the actress congratulated her on the birth of his son: “I Congratulate you! Grow big and healthy and happy mom and dad!”.