Denis Sailors turned to their children born out of wedlock

Денис Матросов обратился к своим внебрачным детям
The actor told how he grieved the separation from young sons.

Denis Matrosov

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “the Destiny of man”

Denis Matrosov still can’t accept the fact that his illegitimate children: Yura and Volodya, born during the Roman actor Lyudmyla Tatarovo do not support any fellowship with him. The actor recently recalled how he grieved when he realized that “lost” their children. He admitted that his family in that period feared the worst. “The mother and sister were afraid that I’ll kill myself…” — said on the eve of Dennis in an interview.

Many years ago Sailors lived in a civil marriage with Tatarovo. They had a complicated relationship, which in result ended in a public scandal and allegations of beating. Lyudmila then said that Denis, among other things, refuses to recognize the newborn twins and requested a DNA examination. Suspicions of infidelity insulted her, and since her communication with Denis was interrupted permanently.

Denis recalls that he himself had suffered greatly because of what is happening. “There was no beating, just because of my character. This man decided to use the press to advance, and it is her right. But there is a child that she presents everything in a certain light, — said the Sailors. In my opinion, it’s a shame. It is not good. I can say that never abandoned the kids and always fought for them. From her point of view, I asked DNA for one, and in fact, I asked for another. Let me be bad for boys, but the mother will not be for them like this. She was raised and educated. I opted out of parenting, because there was a plea that I not interfere with her life!”

Live Denis confirmed that he still does not communicate with any of the sons, although they are very similar to it. He has long ceased to make any attempt to communicate with Yuri or girl-and accept that the guys have a different dad. “Communication is blocked. They took the surname of the stepfather who raised them the last few years. Well what can I say. Boys, God grant you good fortune!” added Denis in conversation with the YouTube Koschevnikovi in the air, “the Destiny of man”.

Recall that the Matrosov also grows two more children born already in a legal marriage. We are talking about the son of Mary Kulikova — John and little Theodore, whom the actor gave his current wife, Olga.