Денис Матросов воссоединился с Марией Куликовой
The actor returned to the former wife for her son.

Denis Matrosov

Photo: @Instagram denismatrosov Denis Matrosov

Denis Matrosov demonstrated a perfect example of the relationship between the divorced spouses. On the occasion of the birthday of his son Ivan, the actor reunited for a time with his ex-wife Maria Kulikova. Parents early in the morning preparing for his favorite boy surprise in five years and seem to have succeeded in this. Denis showed the result of their efforts and also published a touching congratulation to Ivan.

“Dawn! All ready for that moment when the birthday boy wakes up… Our van, Ivan Denisovich, today 5 years! Love it! Son, on their first birthday! To grow healthy, strong and happy!” — wrote the Sailors.

Recall that, despite the divorce of Dennis and Mary last year, they have managed to maintain warm and friendly relations. Ex-wife not only prevents the communication of the famous father-son and allows his new bride Olga Golovina spending time with Ivan. By the way, after the birth of Matrosov in may this year, one of the heir of Feodor, son Kulikova began to spend more time at dad’s house, because he was very happy birth brother.

Incidentally, shortly before the birth of Theodore Denis admitted that he intends to take Olga Golovin to be my wife. So in the near future Sailors is likely to once again get married.

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