Denis Matrosov will be present at the birth of a son

Денис Матросов будет присутствовать при рождении сына

The actor confessed to the magazine “Antenna” and Woman’s Day that he wants to cut the cord.

It seems that with the advent of warmth and sun and this year started a real baby boom. Just last week the mothers were the singer Jasmine, directed by Valeria Gai Germanika. In addition to the family Matrosov. As it became known, his girlfriend Olga will soon give the child actor.

“Any day now waiting for replenishment in the face of another Matrosov! Will be the guy, but here’s how to call, haven’t decided yet, go family debate. I’m leaning towards one name, Olga – to another. Decided to have, and then you determine by looking at the son, and of the Yuletide will also be guided,” he told the Sailors to Woman’s Day.

The doctors set a date – 3 may. Denis at this time specifically canceled all tour. The actor wants to attend the birth.

“I will definitely be present at birth, although Olga’s worried about me, afraid that to faint and the doctors instead have to deal with me,” he laughs. — But nothing as bad she thinks of me, I’m a responsible person and will help in every way. First I want to take the baby and myself to cut the cord. I think that that really brings people together and helps then in difficult periods of life.”

By the way, the couples wedding is also just around the corner! The sailors promised to marry his immediately after the birth of her son.


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