Денис Матросов устроил сыну грандиозное торжество The actor has organized an incredible surprise in honor of the anniversary of the child. Denis Sailors decided to organize a great holiday for the sake of round date. Artist made original gifts for the older heir.

      Денис Матросов устроил сыну грандиозное торжество

      Popular actor Denis Matrosov up all night suburban house decorated with balloons. Today, his son Vanya from his marriage to actress Maria Kulikova celebrates first anniversary. The boy was five years old. According to the actor, the son was woken up several times in anticipation of the holiday.

      “Dad, we birthday do not oversleep? – asked me Vanya, – said the “StarHit” Denis Matrosov. – Has not slept. Son really wanted a lot of balloons. The fact is that when Fyodor was discharged from the hospital, Vanya saw how many there were balls, and really asked that his five years were the same, but only with the number “five.” In the end, Vanya jumped up at eight in the morning, got dressed in a minute and ran into the living room. His eyes lit up with joy and happiness when he saw a decorated house and gifts. After a couple of hours came to him friends who live in the area, including the son of our neighbor Alexander, the godfather of the younger son of Fyodor”.

      The result of the efforts of Denis demonstrated in the microblog. Fans joined in with the warm wishes of the eldest son of actor. “Whoop-Dee-Doo. Let it grow large and happy parents!”, “James happy birthday! Let it grow healthy, smart and happy!”, “Happy birthday, I wish you good mood and good health, happiness, love, success and more happy days in the life of Ivan Denisovich with the anniversary. Let all it will always be good,” congratulated the fans of the actor.

      Denis and his wife Olga gave the birthday boy a mini-hockey club “mosquito” with the number 72, which plays Sailors. Such equipment recently received as a gift and son Marat Basharova Marseille.

      “Ivan we loves toy boats, – has shared with “StarHit” Denis. This time I came to shop for another boat and I was told that all sorted out. “Is it all in the evening will come with the boat?” – flashed in my head. In the end, we agreed with Ivan that then go and choose together. And by the way, he’s a lover not only a toy, but real boats. Last year skated for the first time! Was so excited. This year repeat. He is looking forward to. Sailors in one word!”

      After greetings at home dad James was sent to my mother – the actress Maria Kulikova. The star gave the boy a holiday with participation of animators. And in the evening, Denis and Maria will be reunited together once again to congratulate the child on his birthday. The whole family as well as friends and family will gather in the restaurant.

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