Денис Матросов: «Я с большим трудом пересел с «запорожца» на иномарку»
The actor said that it is important for him in every car he bought.

Денис Матросов: «Я с большим трудом пересел с «запорожца» на иномарку»

Denis Matrosov

Photo: Svetlana Truancy

“One day, “Zaporozhets” stalled when I was crossing the Leningrad highway. I remember the horror of standing across the road, and I carried “KAMAZ”… And how scared I was yelling at the driver when he got out of the overturned truck,” — said the actor in our new segment, “Star in a wheel”.

My first car was a ZAZ-968″ — “eared” “Zaporozhets” blue. He got me from his father, who with his own hands collected it from several old “the Cossacks”… Remember how the father was lying under the car for hours, changed the wires, pumped brake fluid, and I pushed next, it was very interesting! By this time the father had been already solid position, opened the first in the USSR to the Japanese restaurant. Friends told him: “Volodya, why don’t you switch cars, undignified. Buy “The Zhiguli”!” But father was bound to his “Zaporozhets”, and the status did not interest him…

Father died when I was 11 years old. I longed for him, and the old car turned out to be the thread that connects us. In short, I began to Tinker in the garage. To 14 years completely went through “Zaporozhets”. Changed the pistons, replaced the gears, synchronizers… Remember my surprise when I found the motor number: 000006. This motor was from another model — “humpbacked” “Zaporozhets”, which in 1960 received from the factory the husband of my aunt, the drummer of labour — he eyes grind parts with micron precision and for this he was awarded one of the first “humpback” — directly from the conveyor Motor… I also went through again. I remember when I after that first time it started, my mom begged me to move away from the car, shouted that it would explode — motor babakhan, as in the movie “Operation “y”…” (I a little incorrectly put the ignition). But in the end it is, fortunately, still agreed to sit behind the wheel.

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  • Денис Матросов: «Я с большим трудом пересел с «запорожца» на иномарку»
    Denis Matrosov

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