Denis Matrosov fulfill the dream of the eldest son

Денис Матросов исполнит мечту старшего сына  The actor will play the architect, who in the family had problems. Denis Matrosov understands your character, because some time ago, and he had difficulty. Now the artist is preparing a surprise for the children.
Денис Матросов исполнит мечту старшего сына

On the TV channel “Dомашний” starts a four-part film “the Price of the past.” The plot tells about the difficult period in family relationships. One of the roles played by Denis Matrosov.

Treason, led to a series of problems and even dangers to life, forcing the main characters to change beyond recognition. In the story the hero Matrosov, enthusiastic architect, did not notice anything except work and neglects family life in favor of material goods. According to the actor, he is the complete opposite of the character.

“This summer I’m going to make one of the biggest dreams of an older child Ivana is to go in a real campaign. Together with his wife Olga, sons Ivan and Fyodor, and daughter of the wife from his first marriage, Alexandra, Dennis plans to go Hiking in the Tver region. For me it is extremely important not to forget that all the money did not earn, and the family needs you at home, not in the eternal pursuit of replenishment of the family budget,” admitted Dennis.

For such a case the Sailors had already prepared a family heirloom – a large orange tent, given to him by his mother 32 years ago. In it Sailors experienced many memorable moments, including a three-week Board and building their own cottages, and even a real fire, as evidenced blown a hole in the bottom of the “canvas house”. You need the artist specifically chose Patriotic, to show children how rich the nature in Russia. Sailors planning to teach the heirs to collect mushrooms, berries, wild flowers, a bonfire and, of course, is along to sing songs around the campfire.

The popular actor is growing up two sons. Senior Ivan, the actress Maria Kulikova, the couple broke up after fourteen years of marriage. In August, the van will be seven, and he goes to first class. The youngest, Feodor, only two. The second boy Matrosov gave third wife, Olga Golovina.

Personal life Matrosov is always of high interest from fans and journalists. Now the actor lives with his son and civil wife Olga. Relations with Lyudmila Matrosova Tatarovo and Maria Kulikova ended in divorce. As told to Denis in one of his last interviews, the gap with the first wife prevented him to communicate with his sons. According to him, the woman isolated the children from him.

“A few years ago I got violently emphasize violently deprived children. It was the decision of the woman with whom I have lived for many years, and after that person ceased to exist for me. Then she made a cruel lie to the press, on TV channels, she is a PR for me,” said the Sailors. The ex-wife of Denis Matrosov forcibly took his children

Only with Olga, in recognition of the actor, he found the long-awaited peace of mind. Together they not only raise children, but engaged in creative work.

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