Denis Matrosov considers his son lucky

Денис Матросов считает своего сына счастливчиком
The actor took his wife and child home from the hospital.

Denis Matrosov with his beloved Olga Golovina and newborn son

Photo: @Instagram denismatrosov Denis Matrosov

Denis Matrosov on the seventh heaven from happiness. Still, after the doctors have prescribed his bride Olga Golovin and their newborn son from the hospital. Actor headlong
the head rushed to the clinic with an armful of flowers and balloons. As it turned out,
his son born in day of Light Easter, Denis believes

“You just imagine
born may 1 in celebration of Easter and in the first second of life to be
at the hands of Anastasia ANGELOVA! Son, you’re lucky!
Remember this is all my long life!” — shared joy of the Sailors. By the way, actor
forgot to congratulate you on the birth of little brother and of his eldest son Ivan
from his marriage with Maria Kulikova. “Now in this world two brothers, two Matrosov,
the lion senior and Junior Taurus! We love you very much!” — Denis admitted.

We will remind that Olga —
a lawyer by profession. But they met in the theatre after the performance in which
played Denis. The actor does not hide his feelings and have come up with beloved touching
the name of the Oriental style, which rhymes, for example: “I love them, I have them

Perhaps this is a
caring, warmth and dedication Matrosov was missing in the last years of his life with
Maria Kulikova, when their life together turned into an endless
making money on building houses, and from their relationship went romantic. Actor
admitted that after a long separation due to touring and filming his wife
re-used each other as strangers. With Olga, he already does not allow such
errors and carries with it all the time.

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