Denis Matrosov again preparing to become a father

Денис Матросов снова готовится стать отцом

Denis Matrosov and his beloved Olga Golovina will soon become parents. Today it became known about the interesting position of the chosen actor.

Their joy of the imminent change in the status of the pair told the press, noting that they have a son.

Above the name of the future baby Denis and Olga are still thinking: “what shall we call him, still do not know. I’m leaning towards one name, but Olga to another. The date the doctors put us about 3 may. I will definitely be here for the birth. First I want to take the baby in his arms, himself to cut the cord. I think it really brings people together and helps then in difficult periods of life.”

According to the couple, the child they had anticipated, so they were very happy when he became aware of the pregnancy. However, to share this information with others, even their relatives, Sailors did not hurry, so as not to jinx it. And there were reasons for this. The fact that the first months of pregnancy were given Golovina’s not easy, but later everything returned to normal and even to dig up the garden for Olga was not difficult: “Olga is a fighter in life… Then the doctor who is pregnant, a little speechless not lost: “What’s that, you say, she dug up the vegetable garden on the ninth month? Well, well, I won’t you any meds to prescribe, go home.”

Note that at this point their relationship, which began in 2015, the pair was not legalized. Denis and Olga want to get married after the birth of her son.

Recall that for an actor it is not the first child: Denis is the son of Ivan from his marriage with Maria Kulikova, and it is also assumed that the sailor is the father of twin boys actress Ludmila Tatarova. However, still children Denis did not recognize.

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