Денис Косяков трогательно поблагодарил жену за второго сына Star of the TV series “the Island” celebrates the completion of the family. Recently, Denis Kosyakov and his wife Elena became parents. Happy young father left the lady a message that will delight users of social networks.
Денис Косяков трогательно поблагодарил жену за второго сына

33-year-old comedian Denis Shoals, who played a major role in the TNT series “the Island”, shared with fans of good news. The wife of the artist Elena gave him a cute son. Young parents decided to name their baby Dmitry. In the microblog Denis there is a touching note, which he left to the woman. Stocks thanked the wife for the adorable baby. At the moment the couple Kosanovich resides in the seventh heaven from happiness, and accepts numerous congratulations from friends and relatives.

“That was on this world for one Kosyakova more. Kosyakov Dmitry Denisovich! How are you?” said Dennis on his page in the social network.

Members of the actor wished the little boy to grow healthy and strong, to the delight of his parents. “Congratulations on another man”, “Cheers”, “Great”, “Wonderful”, “the Second son? Well, When you have all the time?”, “Wow, unexpected! News bomb”, “How cool”, “All Dimitri – intellectuals, bath hi!” “Oh,” was discussed by users of social networks.

The newborn was the second child of the couple Kosanovich. The couple also educate the charming Denis, who was born in November 2012. During the conversation with the correspondent of “StarHit” the actor admitted that raising a child is difficult, but it’s the best thing that ever happened in his life. The heir Kosyakova is developing in several directions: he attends school musical theatre and acting, and also actively plays sports and enjoys playing chess.

Denis Kosyakov put son on skates

“I am proud that my son learned to read at three years old and two months. I am proud that he spoke his first word “dad” not “mom.” In fact, whatever he did, I’m proud of,” said the actor.

Denys Stocks has also admitted that he dreams of a big family, so not going to stop at one kid. “I really want many kids, at least three to free Parking,” joked the man.

In addition, the star of the TV series “the Island” talked about the fact that it is not against to adopt a baby from a shelter. “Used to think that to take someone else’s child is a bad idea,” said Denis, adding that, over time, changed his point of view.