Denis Klyaver was struck by a photo of an adult son

Денис Клявер поразил фотографией взрослого сына
The eldest heir to the singer was his copy.

The firstborn Denis Klyaver — Timothy, will be fulfilled for 16 years. The singer have not shown the fans what kind of adult handsome man turned to his eldest son. Before Timothy had long hair, though not such as were his famous father during the “Tea for two”. Now the young man cuts the hair very short and this hairstyle is visually made it even older.

Despite the short “hedgehog” hair and smooth face Timothy immediately clear that the photo depicts father and son.

“The left of the photo I wrote the Klyaver in a personal blog. On the right is also me, only without the beard and bald!”

Fans marveled at how similar were the father and the son. Same eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, skull shape — all of it. However, from mom — dancer Julia Klyaver, former wife of singer, Timothy is also something to eat. Friends always said that Dennis and Julia are very similar to each other, so the son went in both parents.

Denis Klyaver though divorced mother of Timothy many years ago, but her son continued to talk often. The singer is the father of many children. He has three biological children from different women, and all of it is in a great relationship.