Denis Klyaver was shocked from the beauty Cabinet

Денис Клявер шокировал снимком из кабинета косметолога
The singer has shown what is for the sake of youth.

Denis Klyaver

Photo: @Instagram denisklyaver Denis Klyaver

Many artists simply are afraid to grow old. What did not make the stars that still look young and beautiful. Offering beautician appeal not only women but also men, which is also important to appear daily for the public with a fresh face.

Among these stars “wormed” and 41-year-old Denis Klyaver, shocked recently by the photograph taken during a spooky looking procedure. On the published picture, the singer appeared in front of the fans is permeated with needles person. The sight was not pleasant.

Fans, especially those who are not accustomed to such spectacles simply speechless. Among those who remained under the influence of terrible frame was a colleague of Dennis on stage — Anita Tsoy. In the comments she categorically spoke to the conducted manipulations of the face of the actor.

However, there were also those who are familiar with this procedure, which is called masonite. “Well Done, Dennis! It is better to prevent aging than to deal with the consequences!”, “I was doing everything right. Be the most beautiful!” — supported by his fans.