Denis Klyaver told about the betrayal

Денис Клявер рассказал о предательстве
The musician surprised fans with a Frank recognition.

The story that inspired Denis Klyaver on
the song “Extraordinary” happened in real life, and excited
artist to the core. Recently, the singer met his close friend, and the one
open up, admitted that he cheated on his beloved wife. Foolishly,
on a random whim. And not just changed, but also feeling remorse
conscience, decided to unburden himself by telling all to his wife. Denis was sure that the wife of a friend will be offended and will file for divorce. Imagine his surprise when friend
said that he had found the strength to forgive my husband!

The klyaver,
listening to this story, wondered: “How could you forgive
this?!”. Denis, as
any man who is not inclined to pay much attention to spiritual experience, and the
not least, remembers that he was in a similar situation.

“It was a very long time, and many of the details of the time
erased from the memory, — says Denis. — All, except for the bitterness which I
experienced after learning about the betrayal of his beloved. I had no doubt as
to cope with this pain. The gap was obvious. Since no answer is left
only two questions: what is the meaning to swear their feelings and to betray? But the most
most importantly – why deliberately break the heart of a loved one, knowing in
his treason?”