Denis Klyaver showed the grown daughter of Eva Polna

Денис Клявер показал подросшую дочь от Евы Польны He touchingly congratulated the girl happy birthday. Denis Klyaver posted a photo of the heiress and noted that incredibly loves her. Eva Polna was also quick to write a few touching words dedicated to Evelyn.
Денис Клявер показал подросшую дочь от Евы Польны

Denis Klyaver and Eva Polna quite a long time did not advertise the fact that they have a daughter together. As it turned out, many years ago between the stars broke out torrid love affair, which turned into the birth of a beautiful girl, Evelyn.

The heiress of artists celebrated its 13th anniversary. The klyaver hastened to congratulate her on this significant event.

“Today, this adorable girl’s holiday. Malinochka, happy birthday, my beauty! Let come true all you wish for in this life! And you have a fantasy rich. You are an immensely talented girl, and I sincerely wish you find your way,” shared the Klyaver.

The man said that he always tries to be near Evelyn, to maintain contact with her. Fans were delighted from touching the post of the singer, and many of them drew attention to the fact that the girl looks just like her mother. “A great kid. Let him be happy”, “So beautiful. Very similar to Eva Polna young”, “Denis, you were so good. Many men after a breakup forget about the children” – opinions of fans of the artist.

By the way, she Eva Polna also did not ignore important for my daughter celebration. She has devoted the girl’s Instagram post and wished her incredibly vivid, eventful days.

“Our dear Evelyn! Today you are 13! Such a beautiful and serious age. We wish you a joyful, bright, interesting year! Good health, success in studies and Hobbies, and real true friends close. Infinitely loving your family,” wrote the actress.

She Evelyn looks incredibly happy in the pictures. Earlier Klyaver told that the girl lives with her mother but often visits him at home. She was able to find a common language with the wife of the singer and his sons.

Despite interest from fans, Dennis and Eva rarely post pictures girls. Also they prefer not to talk about the achievements and successes of Evelyn. However, fans believe that the heir to artists will follow in their footsteps. Moreover, it has a bright appearance and is used to rotate in a creative environment.

It is possible that the star parents just don’t want to rush Evelyn a profession. Despite the constant employment, Dennis and Eva I try to spend most of your free time daughter.