Denis Klyaver showed how to make beauty shots

Денис Клявер показал, как делает уколы красоты Sure fans of the artist. Recently the singer shared in one of my social networking photo, made in a chair by medical professionals. In the picture the Klyaver injections into the cheek. The majority of subscribers Denis are sure that he decided to rejuvenate with the help of threads.

      Not only well-known women share photos of the chair of a beautician or surgical table. One of the most discussed was the act ISA: ex-wife of rapper Guf decided to give birth live. In early October, a young woman appeared the long-awaited boy, what at the same time the parents found out and fans of the designer. As for male stars, they are no exception. Recently, 41-year-old Denis Klyaver decided to publish it in your Instagram picture, which he is doing the procedure.

      In the photo you posted the Klyaver in his microblog, you can see how the cheek of the artist stuck a few small syringes purple.

      “You think this is purely women’s issues?… Everyone wants to look good,” – wrote the singer in social networks and added it to your post the hashtag “beautiful person’s face is everything”.

      The followers of the artist immediately began to discuss its publication. Most of them began to guess that he decided to do Denis. The options were different from Botox injections to injections in order to hair growth. “Beauty shots?”, “Thread?”, – I wrote to the subscribers of the singer. “You have naoborod, I’ll tell you “Yes”, – joked one of the subscribers Klyaver. At the same time, some fans noticed that the former party “Tea for two” looked great and to stay in the clinic. Others have found that Dennis was courageous, because not everyone is able to publicly admit that decided to resort to cosmetic procedure.

      Most fans of Dennis agreed that he decided to rejuvenate. Many stars have resorted to one of these procedures, when under the skin are the thinnest filaments of biomaterials, with a thickness of about 0.1 millimeters in diameter. On the face of the patient, as a rule, appear redness, which pass quickly enough. According to the reviews of those who decided to do this, the effect of braces is not less strong than plastic.

      Informed details of their visits to healthcare professionals shared celebrities such as Dana Borisova, Gleb Pearls, rose Sabitova, Evelina Bledans, singer Natalie and angelina Vovk. In their social networks, they published pictures of before and after procedures. At different times the stars have done a facelift and contour facelift, injections of Botox injections and removed the excess fat. Around the world: why the stars demonstrate the operation and procedures