Denis Klyaver refuses to accept the death of his father

Денис Клявер отказывается мириться со смертью отца
The singer gave a rare comment about her dad.

Denis Klyaver and Ilya Oleynikov

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On the eve marks exactly five years since the death of Ilya Oleinikov. Son of people’s artist Denis Klyaver admitted that, despite such a considerable period, still looking for ways to make myself believe that dad died.

“Dad. Today is 5 years since you left. For as much as 5 years have passed, or rather flew… But for some reason still don’t believe in it. That’s fair. I can not persuade myself,” he shared personal Klyaver. The contractor admitted that he felt the constant presence of his father. Denis often mentally conducts an internal conversation with him. The singer shares his dad’s experiences and achievements, and sometimes arguing with him. “You just always feel close to your presence. Your support. Consult you. Weighed his every action and imagine how you would react to my actions. Sometimes even argue… We love you very much. And we you very much are not enough…” — said Denis.

It is curious that the widow Oleinikova, Irina Klyaver gave a Frank interview in which he also said that “maintains liaison” with her husband. “Irina admitted that she to survive the loss of a loved one helped… friends and the spouse himself. The fact that she supported him a mystical connection: a husband sometimes comes to her in dreams. “The last time he inquired about my health and offered to sit with him in the car. But I passed…” — said the actor’s widow. The klyaver and Oleynikov was a rare example of a long and happy marriage. They never were on the verge of divorce and living in absolute harmony. Having lived most of his life with one man, Irene thought after my husband’s funeral to look for a new spouse. She prefers not to think on the subject, but does not exclude that maybe in the future and will decide on a new relationship.

“On this subject there were two or three lines. Knowing my nature, people fear me something like that. And I in turn live for today. Trying to be helpful to their friends and family. And there, as they say, come what may!” — quotes Irina