Denis Klyaver loads of children to the maximum

Денис Клявер нагружает детей по максимуму A former member of the Duo “Tea for two” is trying to his successors constantly something to do. So they have a lot of different Hobbies. Most likely, the eldest son of Clever follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, and the daughter of the artist from eve the Shouting has not yet decided on a profession.

      Денис Клявер нагружает детей по максимуму

      Ex-participant of group “Tea together” Denis Klyaver — the father of many children. He is a dad of three children. The eldest child of the singer Timothy is 15 years old and the youngest two years. In 2010, the singer acknowledged paternity of the daughter of eve the Shouting Evelina. The girl was born in 2005. In addition, Clever fosters 17-year-old Anastasia, the daughter of his current wife from a previous marriage.

      As told journalists Clever, it tends to burden their heirs to the maximum, so they always have something to do. According to the artist, the only way to protect the child from bad influence of computer games, where there can be two different things inappropriate for children. And indeed in such entertainment of little use, so you should keep track of the time that a child spends in virtual reality.

      The eldest son of Timothy Klaver engaged in Taekwondo and has already received a black belt in this martial art. Claver believes that in the near future the boy will follow in the footsteps of his famous grandfather, actor Ilya Oleinikov. In Timothy, in the opinion of parent, have all the necessary information for success in the field of cinema and TV. So Clever read his son a good career.

      Денис Клявер нагружает детей по максимуму

      “I have a very sincere, talented and a great guy. I think that in the near future will begin to grasp the basics of the acting profession, in the footsteps of my father. It is very organic, which is important for an actor”, — said the singer about Timothy.

      As for Evelina, she is growing less creative person than her family. From an early age she acts as a inventor, she sings and dances. Who she will become in the future, the girl is not yet determined, but it is still very long ahead, and relatives always got her back.

      “I have a very versatile, creative brand identity. Now engaged in singing, dancing, something always comes up. I hope that soon I will decide on what you want to do. I will always support her,” shared Clever with

      Recall that Denis Klyaver currently married to the former Bank clerk’s Irina Fedotova. The choice of the singer far from the world of show business. A few years ago together with her husband she opened a company specializing in clothing for dogs.

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