Denis Klyaver having fun in the company of the eldest son

Денис Клявер развлекается в компании старшего сына The singer and his heir are alike as two drops of water. Denis Klyaver two days devoted to her children from a previous relationship: he spent Thursday with her daughter in Moscow, and Friday with his son in St. Petersburg.

      Денис Клявер развлекается в компании старшего сына

      Two years ago, became a father for the third time the ex-soloist of the popular group “Tea together” Denis Klyaver don’t miss the opportunity to spend time in the company of his children from a previous relationship.

      Married to current wife Irene 40-year-old musician has a son named Daniel who is two and a half years, from his first marriage he has a 14-year-old son Timothy, and five years ago Clever publicly acknowledged the daughter he gave birth to the singer Eva Polna. A girl named Evelyn for ten years. Despite the fact that his eldest heirs live in different cities – in Moscow, Evelyn, and Timothy in St. Petersburg, Denis Klyaver, had won more glory and a caring and attentive father, finds time to chat with them. This week, for example, he in the company of her daughter Evelyn and her younger sister Amalia (Amalia’s youngest daughter eve the Shouting and businessman Sergei Pilgun – approx. “StarHit”) visited one of the museums in the capital, and then moved to St. Petersburg and went to the movies with his son Timothy. The joyful moments of communication with the heirs of Denis Klyaver captures on camera, and then share it in microblog.

      “Yesterday in Moscow with my daughter to the Museum, and today in St. Petersburg with his son in the movie,” the singer signed a joint photo with Timothy. Judging from the picture, the son and the father are just one person. This fact immediately noted fans of Denis Claver, who immediately began to speak enthusiastically about the incredible similarity of the musician with his 14-year-old offspring, as well as to compliment your Clavero, nahvalivat his actions as a father.

      Денис Клявер развлекается в компании старшего сына

      “Dan, son, just a great guy. Look good”, “Denis, you’re a great father! Well done! My one son and then the nerve is not enough!”, – written by followers of the star. “My son studies in our school in the eighth grade! Good boy,” he heard someone in the 14-year-old teenager of his acquaintance.

      It is worth noting that Denis Klyaver with great reverence and attention to his younger son Daniel. Despite the fact that the baby is already more than two years, the star father still does not want to show it to the public. Denis rarely publishes photos of the baby, and on these frames the baby’s face is not visible. “This is a personal matter of my family! Additionally, even the Ministers of the Church say that it is not necessary to show small children to strangers. When Danusha you get older, you will definitely see it!” once announced Klaver its position in response to the request of fans to show the baby.

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