Denis Klyaver have told you why I married Eva Polná

Денис Клявер объяснил, почему не женился на Еве Польне The singer was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. The actor openly said, as the secret illegitimate daughter Evelyn from colleagues and friends, and also explained why her mother Eva Polna never called down the aisle.
Денис Клявер объяснил, почему не женился на Еве Польне

Denis Klyaver was married three times, the artist grow two sons, Timothy and Daniel, and daughter, Evelyn. For a long time the artist was hiding the girl from fans and journalists.

Reporters one of the programs found that Eva Polna was the mistress of Denis when he was still married to dancer Julia. As a result of the affair the two artists and there was Evelyn. According to the Klyaver, he immediately recognized the girl, but to marry her mother did not intend.

“Our romance with eve, it was something quick, incredible. In this situation, I can say for sure: it had to be that came to light Melisa. I recognized her immediately, before that we just were not issued. It was unexpected, Eva was working in the Duo “Guests from the future”. Everyone thought that the father of her child was Yuri Usachev,” – said the Klyaver.
Денис Клявер объяснил, почему не женился на Еве Польне

Denis said that just fell out of love with famous actress, so directly told her about it. However, legal spouses Klyaver chose to hide the affair with her.

“It’s awful, actually a disaster. But my fault is only that I fell out of love. So we are two different people and we are not destined to be together… When I finished the relationship I have with eve, and the marriage with Julia collapsed”, – said the artist.

Denis noted that even in the hospital eve took her bandmate Yuri Usachev. And he Polna mother was waiting in the corridor when you see a long-awaited child. According to the artist, they agreed not to tell anyone what happened between them.

Soon Eva remarried, she had another daughter, Amalia. But journalists still managed to find out who really is the father of the first heiress Evelyn. According to the Klyaver, the dipole was mad at him, when the press leaked compromising information. The artist felt that he betrayed her again. And Denis, in the turn, excited by this fact, now he could not hide the relationship with his daughter.

Denis Klyaver showed the grown daughter of Eva Polna

“Eva is a very wise woman, thank her. She still allowed me to communicate with my daughter. This, in my opinion, is logical and correct that this father recognized his child. Nothing in this terrible there,” said the Klyaver.

In 2010, the Klyaver officially acknowledged paternity of the daughter of eve Polna. Together they took the girl to first class. Denis was able to make friends with the second heir to the singer Amalia.

The third wife of the artist Irina Klyaver birth to his son Daniel. The woman admitted that with eve, they work well, although at first she was jealous of a famous husband to the ex-lover.

“We communicate. Now, sometimes, she even writes to me: “Our common man”, – said Irina.