Denis Klyaver donated work for mom

Денис Клявер пожертвовал работой ради мамы
The artist refused to speak, to present a holiday to a loved one.

Денис Клявер пожертвовал работой ради мамы

Denis Klyaver mom

Denis Klyaver cancelled,
offered to him on the occasion of the anniversary of a large company, because the date of the event began on November 27. This day he always
devotes most loved and favorite person — mom. However, as millions
other people, because November 27 — mother’s Day.

Little Dennis with his mother

Photo: Press service of the Klyaver

“On 27 November for me is a special day — said Denis. — I
like any loving son, belong to the holiday “mother’s Day” with trepidation
. We so rarely spend time together that I can’t
afford to exchange communication with the main man
my life for the next performance.”

Despite the attempt of the organizers to increase the honorarium to the artist
Denis Klyaver your decision has not changed, explaining that will hold a celebration with my mother Irina Viktorovna the Klyaver.