Денис Клявер не может смириться со смертью отца Ilya Oleynikov died in 2012. Denis Klyaver admitted that incredibly misses her dad and is sorry that they failed to spend enough time together. That’s why the singer tries to pay maximum attention to the younger son.
Денис Клявер не может смириться со смертью отца

Denis Klyaver became a star thanks to the participation in the group “Tea together”. The last few years, the man sings solo, and spends all his free time with his wife and four year old son. Many fans still don’t know that the actor is the son of humorist Ilya Oleynikov.

In the program “Once” Denis admitted that he never tried to use the popularity of his father to build a successful career. He’s done it all without the help of a famous relative.

“A lot of people found out that I was his son only after the death of the Pope. We have in fact even the names are different, and I never wanted to draw attention to himself as the son of self-expression. Now I really miss my dad, I miss communicating with him. I am the only child in the family, I don’t have any brothers or sisters. Therefore, his support would be very useful,” – said Denis.

According to the man, in his childhood he never indulged. Despite the fact that his career was going uphill, Ilya Oleynikov prefer not to buy son expensive gifts. That is why the musician has learned to appreciate and cherish money.

The death of a relative is made for the singer’s shock. In 2012, the man was diagnosed with cancer of the lung. The comedian underwent chemotherapy, but was not able to overcome the disease

Despite the fact that Dennis misses his father, he was never with him really close. According to the Klyaver, it happened because of their employment.

“In my childhood, dad often was not at home, because he worked hard, was a successful man. Then I went on tour, and so there was time to socialize. We never confessed, did not speak heart to heart, but still were friends,” said the artist.

Now Klyaver tries to compensate for the lack of father’s attention by communicating with his young son. Little Daniel is only four years, and the child is the center of the Universe for the artist. “I often postpone or cancel concerts. Know that speech from me not going anywhere, but this man very soon become adults,” – says the man.

Spouse Denis Irina confirms that her choice is the perfect father. Klyaver himself does not hide that he paid insufficient attention to children from other relationships. However, in the case of Daniel, he decided to fix this error by surrounding the baby with care.