Денис Клявер голыми руками разгребал дорогу от поваленных деревьев
The singer shared his impressions from yesterday’s disaster.

Denis Klyaver bare hands shoveled the road from fallen trees

About the disaster unfolding in the capital yesterday, says today is not
just lazy. Moreover, not everyone was lucky enough to see rain, thunderstorms and lightning from
the window of his house, some were in the middle of a hurricane, returning from
work or a late event. Even the lucky ones who went on
car was bad enough. Had if not Dodge
falling trees, carefully monitored so as not to collide with them. In such a situation
got Denis Klyaver, who with his own hands was out of the way fallen trees. However,
now the singer is looking at yesterday’s situation positively.

“Give Sunny smiles after yesterday’s dismal hurricane
cheers Dennis. — All today good morning? Yesterday, everybody
posted a video with the flickering and rumbling sky. I went from shooting, and came into
filming of “Apocalypse”. Dozens of fallen trees on the roads.
One of them I almost came, had to get out of the car and pull on
the curb so as not to hurt other drivers. In short, tough! I hope you all
cost. Despite the natural collapse, I wish you all a great Thursday.”

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