Отрицает очевидное: Гагарина злится, что ее называют беременной

In the network appeared the photo, which clearly shows the rounded belly of the performer.

On the weekend, Pauline became the guest of the show of Maxim Galkin “the best”, where he performed a duet with one of the heroines of the issue. But the audience’s attention was drawn not so much to the vocals, much to the singer. Gagarin came on the air in a short dress with a high waist, embroidered with sequins, but it didn’t help to hide the obvious. Fans immediately noticed an increase in breast pregnant stars.

The tale of how the talented little Princess taught me the basics of playing the balalaika See our Duo in the “best” with Maxim Galkin on the first channel! #polisaharida #againplease #nacionality #talantlivye

Video posted by Polina Gagarina (@gagara1987) Dec 11 2016 at 6:21 PST

In favor of this fact was the photo that was uploaded by the team of Pauline in the show “the Voice” Tatiana Shamanina. Without a second thought the girl published a picture with the rehearsal, where Pauline is sitting in profile, her tummy is impossible not to see!

After the show, and the appearance of this photo on the Internet Gagarin with new forces bombarded with congratulations.

“Lovely Pauline in a beautiful position” – such compliments began to make the singer on the network.

However, the star reacted ambiguously… Shaft good wishes and words of admiration were perceived negatively.

“People see what they want to see… And most importantly, that someone else’s life somehow seems to them more interesting to your… Strange,” wrote Pauline.

Fans did not understand what they pissed off a star. The pregnancy is obvious, OK, she neither confirms nor denies, but no one she asked no questions, just wanted health and were touched by the beautiful Polina, and she…

Some groupies suspect that the singer just happened hormonal explosion, so she spoke, but hurt no one wanted.

Whether the stars are right to be angry that fans are interested in their life?

  • Of course! Private life should be for everyone
  • Only in cases when the media start digging into the dirty linen
  • The artists have chosen a public profession. She has a lot of advantages, but the heightened interest in his personal life – one of the downsides
  • What is this nonsense? Whoever they are without the fans who supposedly climb all the time where you should not