Demi Moore took the role of Sharon stone

Деми Мур отобрала роль у Шэрон Стоун
Fans of the 55-year-old actress is happy about her “comeback”.

Деми Мур отобрала роль у Шэрон Стоун

Demi Moore


Sharon Stone


In the career of 55-year-old demi Moore — excitement. The actress managed to achieve
the new project gave her the role that was meant Sharon stone!

We are talking about a black Comedy
Corporate Animals
where Sharon was supposed to play the main role of the ambitious lady, who heads
the company which manufactures Cutlery and knives. According to the script character takes seems to be
an innocent solution is to arrange for their
employees of corporate “RAID” on nature, or rather in the cave near New Mexico, where wishing
organize sports and games events. However, this idea did not go
as it was planned. In an accident, the entire company
is locked underground, and seemingly civilized people are beginning to
themselves as wild animals…

The last time demi looks very happy. It
scandalous divorce from Ashton Kutcher, with whom she was together for 10 years, from
which 8 years was legally married, remained in the distant past. Since then
she managed to twist novels with many Cavaliers. Moore met with Toby Maguire, Vito Schnabel, Harry
Morton, Sean Friday… Most of them were much younger than