Demi Moore scared painful form

Деми Мур испугала болезненным видом The star looks very thin and gaunt. According to insiders, demi is going through hard times. The actress is very afraid of loneliness and still not forgotten their ex-spouse Ashton Kutcher, with whom they divorced a few years ago.

      Деми Мур испугала болезненным видом

      Foreign editions shocked everyone with photos of demi Moore, in which the star looks extremely thin and worn out. Rumor has it that the actress is still going through a breakup with Ashton Kutcher, which happened five years ago.

      Demi Moore appeared at the gala dinner in honor of the centenary of Vogue. The star, remembered by all for the film “the Seventh sign” was a translucent black and Burgundy dress Roberto Cavalli. Through the thin fabric I could see the actress’s Breasts. However, the photographers noticed only at excessive thinness women: the actress was heavily fallen cheeks, and bones were visible on his neck.

      According to insiders, Moore perzhivaet not the best period. “In the last time of my life demi is not all good. Her gnawing loneliness, she is very worried that may forever remain one” – say, surrounded by stars.

      According to some friends, demi leads a solitary life, ignored phone calls, going to strange parties and may use drugs again. Moore have been in rehabilitation centers due to health problems. The actress has always supported her first husband Bruce Willis and has three daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. They helped Moore to get over a breakup with a young spouse.

      Recall that the divorce is demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher lasted more than one year. The actress was mad at the wife because he went to the young girl. Ashton began Dating Mila kunis, who soon bore him a daughter Wyatt. The first time after a breakup to take revenge on her ex-husband, demi wound up the young lovers and had fun at parties. Later foreign tabloids periodically reported that Moore made peace with Ashton and his new wife and even attended the christening of their daughter.

      Four years ago, the newspaper already wrote about the fact that demi is suffering from exhaustion. She was treated in a specialized clinic Cirque Lodge in Utah. According to some, the reason for the hospitalization of demi Moore then became her substance abuse. Due to the state of health of the actress for a long time ceased to be in the movie. Demi returned to Hollywood in 2013, playing one of the roles in the film “Very good girls”.

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