Demi Moore lost his front teeth due to stress

Деми Мур лишилась передних зубов из-за стресса

Hollywood actress demi Moore became the heroine of a popular American talk show “”Tonight “” (The Tonight Show) and Jimmy Fallon. In an interview, the celebrity said that recently lost his front teeth, and the proof showed photos where she really looks ridiculous without front cutter. Now demi is laughing at this image a few weeks ago, she was not amused.

Деми Мур лишилась передних зубов из-за стресса
Moore said that lost teeth because of illness or shock, and stress.
“I fell front teeth. I could blame it on skateboarding or something like that, but actually I had a lot of stress – the biggest killer in the United States. However, before coming here I made sure to return his smile,” said demi.

Moore said that the photo is missing one tooth, but she’s actually lost two. The actress added that the children were delighted with these changes because “they think that without teeth I am more vulnerable and human.”
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