Деми Ловато госпитализирована с подозрением на передозировку героином

Well-known 25-year-old singer demi Lovato was in the hospital with a suspected overdose of heroin. The singer lost consciousness at his home in Los Angeles.

Деми Ловато госпитализирована с подозрением на передозировку героином

Caused by a brigade from the performer was hospitalized in serious condition. The place was raided housing. Narcotic drugs were found. However, the room was discovered the opioid receptor antagonist, which is used as antidote to overdoses of heroin. “Her friends that caused an ambulance, knew that she could help her, if there was something like that. They have on hand by any means. Fortunately, they had an effect,” say the insiders.

All cost — now as demi stabilized, and with the support of his mother, who was on duty at her bed, she’s soon back on his feet. Aunt of the singer commented on the situation in social networks and asked you to pray for a speedy recovery demi. Condition demi also commented on the publication of Variety and its representative: “demi came around and is now surrounded by family who thank everyone for the love, prayers and support. Some of the information published in the media, in fact, not true. Family demi asks to respect their right to private life and cease to speculate on the condition and restoration of demi. Now it is very important.”

The day before the incident, on Sunday, the singer performed at the fair the California Mid-State Fai and forgot the words to his songs on stage, scaring fans unstable behavior. Broadcaster Fox announced the replacement is scheduled for Tuesday episode Beat Shazam, which appears demi. Also cancelled a concert singer in Atlantic city, scheduled for Thursday.

But only recently Lovato boasted a healthy lifestyle. In addition to his successful career as a singer, demi Lovato loves to spend time on yourself and your body. In your account in Instagram Lovato put up a selfie without makeup, which showed their blue belt in the Brazilian martial art of JIU jitsu. This belt represents the second level of mastery of the seven.

“I’m just thrilled that finally got the blue belt in #brazilianjiujitsu!!!! I just fell in love with Brazilian JIU jitsu about a year ago and withthen did not stop practicing a couple times a week,” he told his fans motivated 25-year-old demi Lovato.

One of her coaches Jay Glazer who is the owner of her favorite gyms called Unbreakable Performance Center, congratulated the girl for her achievements with a post on Instagram. “I’m more proud of the work that she has done, yet no one sees, and what she was doing, watching the world go by. Congratulations achievement blue belt today in Brazilian JIU jitsu, you really tried!” says Glaser.

It is worth noting that in the workout Lovato went head first. It is not one species but many. The girl uses all kinds of combat skills of Boxing to a Mai tai. But recently the actress said that really liked a certain kind that goes in Brazilian JIU jitsu.It is not surprising that soon the fans found out such good news about the achievements of demi.