Деми Ловато заполучила голубой пояс по джиу джитсу

In addition to his successful career as a singer, demi Lovato loves to spend time on yourself and your body. In your account in Instagram Lovato put up a selfie without makeup, which showed their blue belt in the Brazilian martial art of JIU jitsu. This belt represents the second level of mastery of the seven.

Деми Ловато заполучила голубой пояс по джиу джитсу

“I’m just thrilled that finally got the blue belt in #brazilianjiujitsu!!!! I just fell in love with Brazilian JIU jitsu about a year ago and withthen did not stop practicing a couple times a week,” he told his fans motivated 25-year-old demi Lovato.

One of her coaches Jay Glazer who is the owner of her favorite gyms called Unbreakable Performance Center, congratulated the girl for her achievements with a post on Instagram. “I’m more proud of the work that she has done, yet no one sees, and what she was doing, watching the world go by. Congratulations achievement blue belt today in Brazilian JIU jitsu, you really tried!” says Glaser.

It is worth noting that in the workout Lovato went head first. It is not one species but many. The girl uses all kinds of combat skills of Boxing to a Mai tai. But recently the actress said that really liked a certain kind that goes in Brazilian JIU jitsu.It is not surprising that soon the fans found out such good news about the achievements of demi.

“At first I was doing JIU jitsu because I liked to watch people fighting,” said Dovat edition SELF. “I think it’s very cool to learn something that helps in self-defence.”

Lovato got my blue belt two days after she sang the national anthem at the Floyd Mayweather fight-Connor McGregor MMA. Incidentally, this is also one of her favorite types of wrestling. She said that such a fight is suitable for her, because it is always changing. The girl likes variety not only in their hobby, but in her musical career, which often changes its style.

“Sometimes I can be boring to do an hour of cardio, so sometimes I suffer from terrible boredom,” explains the girl. “And that’s why I love to train MMA, because classes always promise to be cool.”