Demario Jackson returns to the show “Bachelor in Paradise” after investigation

ДеМарио Джексон возвращается в шоу «Холостяк в раю» после расследования

Member of the American TV show “Bachelor in Paradise” Demario Jackson returns to filming. During the internal investigation, it was found that relative to participants in the project CORINE Olimpius he did not take any violent action.

We will remind that last week after the filming of another episode of the show in Mexico, one of the participants accused the protagonist of the program of rape and the producers of the show to promote it. It was like this: the film crew and the participants had a rest after a hard day, someone to relax with alcohol, and someone drinking shouldn’t at all. One of the participants Corinne Olympus, sorting through the liquor, went straight into the Jacuzzi to Demario. The guy did not give up, and between them something happened that will not show on TV. The next day, sober, Corinne Demario accused of rape. This term the girl has in mind sexual intercourse with a drunk lady, which Jackson refused. The producers in the eyes of Corinne are the main culprits, because it is not stopped her, drunk, halfway to the whirlpool, Demario and did not foresee this development.
Warner Bros. has suspended the shooting of the project pending an internal investigation, but because everyone was drunk and the sex was conditional mutual guilt, Demario nobody saw, and that means the project will be released. The only question is to return to the program CORINE. The girl said that the investigation was conducted is biased and is going to sue the producers, promising to attract a “huge number of witnesses”. By the way, Olympus has a boyfriend that she “didn’t want to spoil the relationship”.