Восторг: Сати Казанова впервые показала свою маму
The singer told about the hard life of the parents.

Photo: Instagram

Sati Kazanova always with great tenderness told me about his parents, about the customs of his family and childhood. But that’s just about mom and about how she appreciates the work of Fatima Casanova, the singer revealed for the first time.

“Everyone will agree that this special relationship with parents, their, wrote the star in a personal blog. — I guess I never realize how my mom is strong and wise. All the best skills that I have from childhood, as, for example, a beautiful handwriting, developed only thanks to her patience and hard work. And what was it like to live in the village where electricity intermittently, to get water from the well, chop wood itself, the house and oven to heat the most, a few head of cattle and a large number of chickens, ducks, turkeys to feed??? And she even we are a big family, four babies. And dad almost all the time away. Of course, I matured early — I wanted to be older, in order to help my mother. And it turned out! Today’s everyday problems, in comparison to what was my mother, seem to me ridiculous. We have hot water, washing machine, dishwasher, cattle no dairy products we buy, the refrigerator always full of food, the house is warm, has a TV and lots of channels, selection of music is huge… What a joy to remember my mother’s warmth, her gentle love, to feel that she is near. Every time I hug my mother I understand that we are not eternal and these moments need to be protected. All happens in life, forgive and continue to love!”

The joint portrait with her mother, who published Sati did her husband, a talented Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo. He managed to capture not only the image of mother and daughter, but their relationship suddenly. It is evident that Fatima is very kind and would protect Sati from the bad, and the singer gently clings to the mother, trying to convey all of their warmth and appreciation.

And fans noted that despite all the hardships of life, Fatima remains a very interesting woman. And most importantly — completely natural. She didn’t do plastic, though the difficulty was reflected on her face. But this naturalness is today appreciated by people of much more than “constricted” the person, devoid of any emotion.

“Bravo, mother!” — verdict followers of the singer.