Delicate beauty

Нежная красота

Thoroughly trace the history of the creation of children’s fashion in clothing and jewelry is not so easy, because photography at that time was just beginning to develop, and portraits of the hand of the master was captured mostly are adults. To afford a personal portrait was only for rich rulers and wealthy merchants. But we know of no portraits of that if the fashion for children’s clothing appeared relatively recently, the decoration was typical of any woman and the girl at all times.

Modern jewelry for the young lady

Today, the jewelry is neat and miniature masterpieces of creative thought of the artist, a huge range of models of various shapes, color and cost. For example, children’s earrings for girls from gold and silver offers a popular online resource

For little girl earrings will always be the best gift, especially if they are given the first time. Jewelry such a plan is a relatively inexpensive and attractive things that dazzles the eye. The more toys today few people can surprise in the Junior school and adolescence. Modern children are spoiled with toys. A delicate and elegant earrings are future fashionistas are sure to be a joy.

The educational effect of a desired gift

In the days of our grandmothers children were forbidden to wear to kindergarten and to school even jewelry in form of earrings and rings. Modern children are much easier in this regard. So your girl would be happy to visit the school to show off to friends your new upgrade.

In addition to the sense of the beautiful children’s earrings for girls from gold will help to develop the beginnings of aesthetics and harmony. Earrings for a lovely young lady better to choose together not to unwittingly fall into the trap. Earrings should like to give pleasure and joy, especially their selection and buying easy to do from home. For this you just have to look at the page Yavitrina. The opened painting masterpieces of jewelry art will not leave indifferent anybody.

How to wear earrings

Buying earrings, parents should remember that there are two options for wearing them:

  • by piercing ears;
  • the wearing of earrings in the form of clips, which is very impractical.

The clips often get lost, even in adults, to say nothing about the active and inattentive children. Pierced ears girl is best as they say the paediatricians, aged 2 years. At this time, the child heals faster than an open wound. In any case, it is better to consult a doctor and take into account the personal characteristics of the time and the health of the child. Risk is in any case impossible in spite of the seeming simplicity of the operation of perforation of the ears. Simple, but still surgery, so be careful.

How to choose the design of children’s earrings

At a very early age earrings for girls may appear in the form of small droplets. Earrings should not interfere with the baby to sleep and play. After the age of five, we can safely fantasize and to purchase on Vitrina earrings in the form of figures of your favorite cartoon characters, flowers, or butterflies. When the child grows up and out of the girl turn into a beautiful girl, of course, flowers and butterflies in the tender ears of the young Princess would be irrelevant and ridiculous. You show restraint and ingenuity, and the next day give my daughter a delicate, elegant and decent young girl earrings.

Earrings should be in harmony with the clothes

Being fond of purchasing jewelry, be aware of children’s clothes. While the child grows, with it grows the size of his clothes, so good honest clothing will always be in demand. On how to wear not only girls, but boys today, and how varied boyish fashion to our time, read the article “the Historical path of formation of clothes for boys.”