Defend yourself, sir: as the defenders saved stellar customer service

Защищайтесь, сударь: как правозащитники спасали звездных клиентов To disarm the maniac, not sleeping for 48 hours… to the lawyer’s Day – December 3 – “StarHit” found out what they were lawyers of celebrity for the sake of victory in court. Alexander Dobrovinsky, Sergei Zhorin, Alexander Karabanov and others in our collection.

      Защищайтесь, сударь: как правозащитники спасали звездных клиентов

      Marina Murasheva

      Clients: Kristina Orbakaite, Alla Pugacheva

      The high-profile case: the court of Alla Pugacheva and the Irson Kudikova

      Marina Aleksandrovna met Donna in 2009.

      “I remember well our first meeting – shares Murasheva. Alla invited me home to discuss cooperation, to help her to repay the debt to six million dollars. Pugacheva loaned a large sum of money to a longtime friend, banker Oleg Rafanovich. He refused to return them, citing the fact that his Bank “the Senator” broke and to pay the creditors nothing. I took on legal support of the issue. Met several times with Repanovici, tried to resolve everything peacefully. In the end it had to go to Dorogomilovsky court.

      Защищайтесь, сударь: как правозащитники спасали звездных клиентов

      In the process the defendant even tried to challenge the authenticity of his signature on the receipt. But we, almost alone, managed to return every last dime plus collect half a million dollars in interest for late payment. Of course, working with such a star the first time, I was very afraid not to cope with the tasks, worried that not enough experience. In addition, Alla has always been for me an outstanding person, I still am a fan of her talent. Glad we are still cooperating.”


      Customers: Lilly, Joseph Prigogine and Valeria, Maksim Fadeev

      The high-profile case: Lolita vs HOA


      Защищайтесь, сударь: как правозащитники спасали звездных клиентов

      With first celebrity client Sergei Zhorin met under unpleasant circumstances.

      “The office called Bari Alibasov… and someone sent, just do not know by name, − says Sergey “StarHit”. – I later gave: “A Alibasov wanted to hear,” I had a fight and he scored a room in Bari. He wished that we filed for clip – Alibasov one of the first to the letter of the law worked with copyright. I did everything quickly and qualitatively. Since Bari is my friend. We talk on the phone regularly – he permanently wants someone to sue. And I discourage. Surprisingly, he does not give his 70 plus years. Forever young, keeps up with the times. Here is engaged in the promotion of social networks. Sometimes gaining me: “Serge, you have seen in Instagram photos. How do you handle it?” And I his executor. Bari with a sense of humor came to the will, so his heirs will have to sweat to get the money.”


      Clients: Yegor Konchalovsky, Irakli Pirtskhalava

      The biggest case: a lawsuit Egor Konchalovsky and Mikhail Dovzhenko

      Защищайтесь, сударь: как правозащитники спасали звездных клиентов

      Female attorneys in the entertainment business is rare. Maria worked as a head of Department in the group companies of muscanell, opened his firm, the leading legal and accounting services. First star client Maria became Irakli Pirtskhalava.

      “It was necessary to quickly draw a large number of documents for the shooting of the video. Short deadlines, weekend work, says Leonov. In my opinion, in our profession, work 365 days a year. I got down to business. Three in the morning, I go to a restaurant, Irakli rises from his chair, stretched out his hand and kindly greeting, as if we know each other since childhood. For the sake of his “problem” I have not slept for 48 hours, fixed a whole pile of papers. Eventually began to work together”.


      Clients: Arkady Raikin, Tatyana Kotova

      The high-profile case: the protection of the oligarch Polonsky in Cambodia

      Защищайтесь, сударь: как правозащитники спасали звездных клиентов

      Alexander customers trust not only honor, but also life. To save Yana Poplavskaya, the lawyer went to the middle of the night.

      “It happened three years ago, she called: “Sasha, I was pursued by a maniac on the way home. I have seen him before. And now he was breaking in my door,” – says Karabanov. The first thing you do is grab the keys and ran to the car. On the way to Yana called the police, and to my arrival, the employees have detained the criminal. This man many months wrote Poplavskaya love letters with threats: “you’ll be mine. Or die” dug “graves” under her window… I won a court order of compulsory treatment for this man. He still lives in a special institution.”


      Clients: Julia Baranovskaya, Philip Kirkorov, Anastasia

      The high-profile case: Christina Aguilera vs Ruslan Baysarov

      Защищайтесь, сударь: как правозащитники спасали звездных клиентов

      Have Dobrovinsky in addition to the main profession many Hobbies – he writes books, in films and even engaged in the restaurant business.

      “At the end of the last century I owned a restaurant with Russian cuisine “Regal” in Paris. Remember the 84-th year. She was 50, me – 30… It often went to dinners, asked for me. We talked about the life, assorted legal issues, mainly related to the protection of animals. She wanted to ban bullfighting in Spain, requested by the Council. I did it. Somehow prepped her for a TV show on which, she was sure, to discuss bullfighting and ask her to argue. I anticipated and told her disarming response. After she voiced the thesis “To a bull appearance on the scene – the hour when he, a proud, out, knowing that this was his last hour,” Brigitte replied: “Monsieur, who told you about it, the bull?”