Defeating the disease, Gidulyan decided to help those in need

Победив болезнь, Гайдулян решил помогать нуждающимся

The actor admitted that he recently experienced changed his Outlook on life.

On 12 April, cosmonautics Day, Andrei Giulano was 32 years. The past year was not easy: the actor was diagnosed with cancer, he had to interrupt the work, to go to Munich and throw all the forces and hopes for treatment. PAH-PAH-PAH, over his story a happy ending – Andrew defeated a terrible disease and soon has plans to begin shooting in the series “SASHATANYA”.

But while the actor gaining strength, is undergoing rehabilitation and just enjoys a well-deserved rest. Your birthday Gidulyan celebrated outdoors with friends near St. Petersburg opened shashlyk season. And by tradition, the barbecue was prepared by the birthday boy himself. Photos from the picnic, the actor didn’t share, but told about plans for the new year – he decided to help families in similar situations between life and death.

“Friends, today is my 32nd birthday and I want to draw your attention. The previous year changed me forever. Recently I find it difficult to pass someone else’s grief, though I try, otherwise you’ll go crazy. Very often I write the parents of sick children with a request to repost to help raise the money, and every time I want to help, and sometimes I even decide to donate some little money… But! I can’t repost without being sure that it is not the scammers, who once raised money for my treatment.

And somehow it seems to me that I’m not the only one who wants to help and is ready to place these ugly photos with sick children, cut the words “Urgent gathering…”, or just send back their $ 100. And I thought, if the only problem is that we are not confident in the honesty of these requests, but we are all really nice and want to help, we need to fix it. I decided that now I will personally go and meet those families who really need our help, and if my person may have to earn some trust (I hope so), I will upload photos and videos with these families, as if assuring him that this is not a Scam, get acquainted with their situation in depth, to ask for your assistance and to ask their colleagues with millions of accounts on Twitter. Don’t know what will come of this, maybe naive and stupid, but if someone will affect and will make to help, you have to try… so after a few minutes I’ll post a post with such a family… Please do me a birthday gift and to help them”.

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