Defeated the disease brothers suffered humiliation from colleagues

Победившая болезнь Юля Волкова терпела унижения от коллег The singer said that after surgery to remove a malignant tumor if she had lost her voice. Many colleagues on the stage turned away from the stars or talking behind unpleasant things. And sometimes the artist had to hear taunts because of the changing voices of those who called themselves her friends.

      Победившая болезнь Юля Волкова терпела унижения от коллег

      Last week after the release of the program Oksana Pushkina “Mirror for the hero” with Yulia Volkova were shocked by the news that the star of the scene a few years ago was diagnosed with cancer, but she was able to defeat the deadly disease. The actress underwent surgery to remove malignant tumors from the thyroid gland. As it turned out, the disease was not the biggest test for Volkova. Much more difficult, according to the singer, she had after surgery.

      “The first time is not what to sing – I couldn’t speak. Sat and thought: all is meaningless – to give injections of phoniatry, warm-up teachers, nothing will help! A mistake turned into hell for me”. Some time later she had to undergo two operations in Germany, but they did not help. Later in Seoul Korean doctor performed a miracle, and Julia has regained his voice.

      After several operations the star had a long time to recover and re-learn to sing. During rehab singer was supported by her children, Victoria and Samir, and parents. However, friends and acquaintances on stage forgot about Volkova and turned away from her, as she could not with them to have fun at parties and maintain a social life.

      “Many of those whom I considered close friends, stopped calling me, asking how I feel. Through a friend I heard something like, “what about Volkova? She will never sing. God forbid will survive”. That is me as the actress was buried,” recalls Julia.

      Volkov was able to pull myself together and move on. She told me that even felt gratitude to God for this test. The difficulties faced by the star, helped her realize and think about his life. The star changed her phone number, deleted half contacts from an old notebook. According to the singer, what happened to her, made her stronger. Surprisingly, many colleagues and friends of Volkova believed that she lost her voice and got a sore throat because of bad habits.

      “When “good” people said, mimicking: “what’s wrong with your voice, so sasiela, julek, a smoke-drank in my youth?” – it was frustrating,” said the singer in interview to magazine “Hello!”.

      According to Julia, after what she went through, she became less risk and have found harmony with yourself, the most important aspects of her life now is children and creativity. The singer never left the stage, despite the evil words of detractors. Star began a solo career, but she has to sing with one bundle. Soon the singer plans to actively work on recording the album. One of the new tracks Yulia was the song “help, people, world!”, which urges everyone to be kinder and shows how important it is to appreciate life.

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