Готовность №1! Беременная Светлана Зейналова приобрела для будущего малыша первые вещи
The TV presenter is enjoying maternity leave.

Svetlana Zeynalov

Soon Svetlana Zeynalov will become a mother. Now TV presenter
is on maternity leave and using the fact that she had free
time it to good use. Prior to delivery there is very little time (roughly
the actress will become mother for the second time in late spring — early summer), so the star is already preparing
for your baby’s arrival into the world: re-buy the necessary things for a newborn and
leads the apartment in order. In particular, Zeynalov had already bought the breast pump
well-known brand, as well as nipples, bottles, pacifiers, and more associated
with breastfeeding.

“I chose the same brand that was ten years ago. Honestly
don’t really understand how our grandmothers and mothers did without all these
newfangled stuff!” — says Svetlana.

About the pregnancy one
of the charismatic leading First channel became known in January. Even then,
despite the short period, she decided to reduce activity at work and
left the show “the Voice. Children”, which was conducted together with Dmitry
(recently Svetlana admitted that it was emotionally difficult for her period). On
the competition it was replaced by Agata muceniece.

However, Zeynalov continued
the transfer of “Good morning”, and only in the beginning of this week she announced that she was leaving
decree. The father of the unborn child Svetlana — its civil husband Dmitry.
Unlike ex-husband, program Director of “Nashe radio” Alexei
Glazatova, new choice Zeynalova is on good terms with her 8-year-old daughter
Alexandra (the girl has a particular in development).