Declared the winner of the show “the Voice”

Объявлен победитель шоу «Голос» Today the audience decided who is worthy of the first place. For the title of best fought four artist – Alexander Panayotov, Sardor Milano, Kairat Primordial and Daria Antonyuk. For three months, fans of the program watched with interest the progress of the competition.

      Today ended a popular project of the First channel “Voice”. The audience waited eagerly for the announcement the winner’s name and did everything that took first place in their favorite. For three months, artists from different cities of Russia and foreign countries competed for the finals. Four musicians – Alexander Panayotov, Sardor Milano, Kairat Primordial and Daria Antonyuk happened to show all his talent to please the audience and get the most votes.

      At the closing of the show most of the audience of the First channel liked Daria Antonyuk. She scored the highest number of votes.

      Daria Antonyuk the day before the final of the complained to his fans on the ailment. The singer fell ill with a serious disease, and as a result, was very upset. The singer admitted that he could not rehearse in full force, but because her performance at the finale – a complete improvisation.

      “Of course, the mood for the final I have practically vanished and I wish you guys huge success and brilliant performances! Immediately after the semi-finals I got sick, pretty bad. Nose, cough, sore throat, and most unwelcome, but the resulting consequence is the loss of voice. Only yesterday he was a bit to appear. Rehearsals I have not and will not, try to improvise! I hope something happens! I thought the semi final was the most difficult, but no! The final was harder than all that was before! Three weak songs, “besgrove,” three men against one lady, the passions and absolute depression for this reason. So far, I feel like “flying the distance” – written by the finalist of the musical competition.

      In second place was Alexander Panayotov.

      The project “the Voice” became Alexander Panayotov real revival. Immediately after the “blind auditions” the audience was enlisted him among the main contenders for victory. He confidently passed one stage of the competition after another. As told Panayotov “StarHit”, he feared not making it to the finals.

      The star of “the Voice” Alexander Panayotov: “Members consider me a threat”

      “Now everything that happens on “the Voice” for me as the first time. At the moment of going on stage my entire 13 years of experience like a reset, it seems that I am just a young guy who just arrived in Moscow. I can not understand – whether it is a new experience, or forgotten old. Moreover, to show all equal – the beginner or already-known artist. Of course, I am pleased to have a number of fans that have emerged since the days of “people’s artist”. But over the years has grown a new generation to “Voice” me not know”, – confessed the actor.

      Third, the results of the audience votes was Kairat Primaries.

      Kairat Primordial was familiar to viewers for his part in one of the music projects. However, the artist from Kyrgyzstan were not enough, and he decided to try his hand in the “Voice”. After the match, the musician left the team of Leonid Agutin, but was saved by Dima Bilan. For Primerjava part in the musical project is a way to find an audience in Russia. The participant “Voices” Kairat Primaries: “for the Sake of dreams I would do any kind of work”

      “I want to find a producer, to try to start a career here in Russia. Here, of course, a wider audience, many concert halls and venues. But I understand that most things start very difficult. If there is no proposal, then return to Kyrgyzstan to continue to work in our country. But then will try their hand also in the American “Voice”, – shared his plans for Kairat.

      Fourth place went to Sardor Milano.

      The Sardor Milano already has a victory in a musical contest “Main stage”. The young artist waited five years to be in the “Voice”. Artist seven years ago, arrived from Uzbekistan to receive a musical education in Moscow. The participant “Voices” Sardor Milano: “it was hard for Me to leave Bilan”

      “I graduated Gnesinka in the direction of pop-jazz vocals. Only two years began to discover their potential in classical music. Often in London, I have certain things associated with creativity. I understand the complexity of the genre in which I sing, and he, unfortunately, is not in demand. May thanks to the international experience will realize my dream,” said Milano.