Децл требует от Басты 4 миллиона за оскорбления в Интернете
The conflict between musicians is gaining momentum.

The conflict between rappers Basta (Vasily Vakulenko) and Declan
(Cyril Tolmatskogo) began last year. Then He complained on Twitter last night the noise from
techno parties from the club “Gazgolder”, located on the territory
the former plant “ARMA”, in response to what Vakulenko called it “shaggy
chmom”. For insulting Tolmatskogo filed for Vakulenko in court and won: baste
had to pay the opponent 50 thousand rubles.

But this scandal is not over. Now Decl again
went to court with a demand to recover from Basta four million rubles for

The star of the 90s insulted tweet in which Basta posted a photo
Tolmatsky and the mammoth donkey, writing the phrase “noble fur”. In addition
this cause of claims in the posts in which 37-year-old Vakulenko calls
33-year-old Tolmatskogo hermaphrodite and satisfied polls among subscribers,
whether they believe this information. Tolmatskogo alleges that defendant caused him
emotional distress and defamed his reputation. In addition to compensation,
the musician demanded Basta “to recognize the distributed information is not
corresponding to reality”. Basta said he was ready to abandon
his words about what hip-hop performer Decl is a hermaphrodite in the case
if anyone can provide refuting this statement the results of the medical