Decl requires a million rubles from Basta

Децл требует миллион рублей от Басты The rapper clarifies the relationship with Vasily Vakulenko because of the unflattering words in his address. Cyril Tolmatsky, known to the public as Decl, requires the musician million rubles. In this sum he assessed the damages.

      Scandal between the Russian rappers broke out after the publication of Basta in his Twitter unflattering words about Decla. Vasily Vakulenko called Cyril Tolmatskogo “hairy dick”. The rapper, famous for such songs as “Party” and “Letter” have decided not to ignore such a trick Basta. Decl stated to a colleague in hip-hop to court and demanded to compensate to it a million rubles. The contractor felt that Vakulenko caused him in your own words “moral damage, expressed in moral suffering” and similar remarks are detrimental to business reputation.

      “Common defendant information, defame my honor and dignity, as the number of subscribers to Twitter account of the defendant is 262 thousand. As I Vakulenko Vasily Mikhailovich is a public person”, – said in the lawsuit Tolmatsky.

      Counsel decl, Roman Lalayan said that they need to prove to the court that this quote has affected on the reputation of Cyril Tolmatsky. The plaintiff said that Basta had insulted him on the social network in response to his complaints about the noise in the club “Gazgolder”, which belongs to the creative Association of the same name under the leadership of Vakulenko. Tolmatskogo lives near this institution.

      By the way, this is not the first time rappers verbal sparring occurs. He told me that Vakulenko not once did he comment about long hair. “He doesn’t understand it and every time asks me: “When you get a haircut?” He’s still in the nineties. And how can I walk to them in school, to communicate with his actors, when he does is disrespect me?” – said Kirill.

      Recall that the Decl was at the peak of popularity in the 2000’s years, when on TV and on the radio airplay of his song “Tears”, “Blood of my blood”, “Hope for tomorrow”. A few years ago, he stopped communicating with his father, Alexander Tolmatsky, who was his producer for several years. However, Pope decl ready to make peace with him. “The last tracks that I heard are very good. Getting them in my hands, I would have turned them into a worthy product and sold profitably. Today I do not see the characters that I would like to “roll out,” said Tolmatskogo-senior “StarHit”.