Decl requires 1 million rubles at Basta for the insult on Twitter

Децл требует 1 млн рублей у Басты за оскорбление в Twitter

The feud between these two guys lasted for a long time, but before the trial the showdown came for the first time.

Vasily Vakulenko, Basta rapper, and Cyril Tolmatskogo, he Decl, and had not minced words when it came to each other… But this time Tolmatsky has gone further and another unflattering statement Vakulenko did not answer in the same coin, and filed a lawsuit.

“Decl – haired schmuck-2”, – Vakulenko wrote in “Twitter” and off we go… Tolmatskogo decided that another attack on the opponent dealt damage to his reputation, moreover, caused him moral injury and moral suffering.

“We want to create a precedent for protection of honour and dignity, insult the Internet, this word is never mentioned as a reason for the suit about insult, and we must prove to the court that this quote has affected on the reputation of Cyril Tolmatsky. The lawsuit was filed in the Basmanny court,” commented the lawyer of the offended rapper Roman Lalayan, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Decl am sure that Vakulenko could not cope with fallen on him glory.

“Bob just fell a lot of attention lately from the media and other organizations. I am in the situation was. You think I’ve really done something, that you have the right to offend other people. This is a time when many falls, and popularity, and money, and are already beginning to respect the chain of command,” explained Tolmatskogo their point of view the TV channel “360”.