Децл накопил огромную задолженность за коммунальные услуги Cyril Tolmatsky once again became the focus of public attention. This time He spoke with defendant on the claim of the management company. The contractor blamed the fact that he refused to pay the bills for utilities.
Децл накопил огромную задолженность за коммунальные услуги

34-year-old Cyril Tolmatskogo, better known as the Decl, do not pay for utilities for a long period of time. Each month the duty of the performer was growing up, and now amounts to a considerable sum, in excess of one hundred thousand rubles. To make Tolmatskogo to pay the bills, “House-Master” was forced to go to court. The lawsuit was made by Cyril and his mother Irina Tolmatsky.

Treatment the management company was registered in November last year and a couple months later the claim was accepted for consideration. According to the data portal of the Moscow city court, March 20, the Basmanny court ruled. Present at the meeting itself Decl unknown. Artist ordered to pay the accumulated debt. The journalists said the press Secretary of the court Juno Tsarev.

Децл накопил огромную задолженность за коммунальные услуги

This is not the first case when Cyril Tolmatsky is at the center of public attention due to litigation. Previously He has repeatedly clashed with the strikers, demanding from Vasily Vakulenko compensation for moral damage. In 2016, the Oktyabrsky district court ordered the offending Tolmatskogo to pay him 50 thousand rubles. Initially Decl demanded Basta one million, but in this requirement, the contractor refused.

At the resonance meeting, Vakulenko familiarized others with the results of the examination of his statements “Decl – haired schmuck”. The study was conducted by Professor Anatoly Baranov, head of the Department of experimental lexicography Institute of Russian language named after V. Vinogradova Russian Academy of Sciences. A specialist came to the conclusion that the remark Basta is a value judgment and cannot be checked against reality.

“Semantic and stylistic analysis of the lexical information of words inside a replica of the “Decl – haired schmuck” shows that the form of the expression passed to it may not qualify as obscene because of a controversial remark is a part of the informal communication of the Internet”, – noted in the documents.

In June 2017 He again filed for Basta in court. Tolmatsky has expressed displeasure with the posts Vakulenko, in which he called the opponent a hermaphrodite, and “hairy dick” and published a photo of Cyril with the signature “noble fur”. The representative of the strikers were required to perform an examination to determine whether their ward has distorted the reality. However, the court in Rostov-on-don rejected the petition of lawyers Vakulenko. In the end he was forced to pay Tolmatskogo 350 thousand rubles.

Apparently, in the spring of this year Declo again had to turn to lawyers from-for debts on housing and communal services. In April it became known that Basmanny court of Moscow has collected with decl 149 633 thousand ruble debt and four thousand in payment of the state duty, reports RIA Novosti.