Террасная доска для дачи и не только

The transformation of the garden into a cosy country house is impossible without a decent design of the local area. Choosing the material for finishing terraces, walkways, playgrounds and recreation areas, should be taken into account a lot of factors: beauty, durability, wear resistance, tactile feel and cost. Decking copes with all tasks, but its choice will have to consider a number of nuances.

Террасная доска для дачи и не только
Flooring for bathroom Navylam+ Mutenia

Decking (or the decking) flooring, designed for use outdoors, near swimming pools and in areas with high humidity levels. This sort of floor under the open sky, which is a wooden deck of closely fitted to each other and wooden planks. Their surface may be smooth or slightly embossed to prevent slipping. In this case, you provide not only a neat and stylish appearance, but also a pleasant tactile sensation for yourself, after all, to go on living and warm wood incredibly comfortable.

Sometimes decking can be found in the bathrooms, facing arbors, fences and other places, constantly in contact with plenty of moisture or rainfall, and require high reliability of the materials.

Types of decking

Decking is made of solid wood, composite wood from sawdust and polymers (WPC) or completely synthetic materials.

Террасная доска для дачи и не только
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The budget kind of decking is made from modern plastic materials. Plastic decking is sufficiently resistant to cracking and stains and requires no additional finishing.
However, please note that the plastic is unattractive initially, or coated with a print under the tree, and then quickly loses its attractive appearance. The plastic cover is cold to the touch and usually slippery.

Wood-plastic composite (WPC)

WPC is a mixture of sawdust and synthetic binders (polyethylene, polypropylene, or other variety of PVC). On the top layer of printed wood texture or just color in such a way that in appearance this decking is much closer to natural wood than to plastic panels.
The more the composition of WPC natural wood, the higher its quality and price. Is a good product with the content of sawdust, about 80%, the average price ratio will be 50/50, and the material contains less than 50% wood flour refers to the economical segment.

The experts say that misconception to think that plastic decking and WPC will last you forever. In the harsh Russian climate and without careful care, sooner or later the floor will “bloom” and start to deform.

Natural wood

Of course, for use outdoors and in the house fit different kinds of wood and methods for their treatment, so be worried about the “street floor” is not necessary.

Террасная доска для дачи и не только
Flooring for bathroom Navylam+ Wenge

Typically, solid terrace Board made of exotic wood (IPE, teak, Cumaru, merbau), does not rot, resistant to parasites and often with high oil content. More budget option — a deck of have undergone special heat treatment of pine and larch. In any case, real wood looks and feels very nice underfoot, not heat up like plastic and not holoda feet like a stone.
If each spring to update the oil layer, the decking will retain its original appearance. If this is not done, the tree quickly enough becomes gray. However, many just love the cozy effect of rubbing, as on the deck of the old ship, and the oil they are after the purchase not even applied.

Террасная доска для дачи и не только
Decking Floor MGK Tik (Magestik)

Expert advice: buy the decking Board on the basis of colours and finishes, focusing on the species and properties of wood. Oil for terraces can be colored, so you, in any case, you will be able to find the right shade.

Choose decking should be based on operating conditions. If the top will not be snow, for example on the enclosed terrace, the best fit vysokosernistye species (IPE, teak). The oil in their structure under the action of the snow freezes and forms micro cracks, which then will leak water. But the decking from IPE and teak — the best option for decoration of indoor swimming pools or in a southern climate, do not require frequent updates because of the natural lubricity and resistance to moisture.

Террасная доска для дачи и не только
Decking Floor MGK Kumar (Magestik)

If the decking will be in winter under a layer of snow, it is better to choose a more “dry” species: Cumaru, merbau, thermo-treated larch, ash, pine. They are very high quality decking oil and will not change performance characteristics due to contact with the snow. The Cumaru wood is more solid, so it will be less dents from heels, and merbau experts suggest to use where the water will drain to the ground, as in its structure there are the salt pockets, which stained the water when flushing.

Specialists of the company “I-shop” offering the largest selection of floor covering in Moscow, it is recommended to only use the decking from natural wood to soon you was not excruciatingly painful for the spoiled appearance of the area and wasted money.

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