Deceived socialite Ksenia Merz demanding millions from ex-lover

Обманутая светская львица Ксения Мерц требует миллионы от экс-любовника A woman demands compensation for moral damage of the former lover. Xenia says that Alexander Stasuk profited from it and used for selfish purposes. Merz attended the program “really” to get a man to clean water.
Обманутая светская львица Ксения Мерц требует миллионы от экс-любовника

Socialite Ksenia Merz and fitness coach Alexander Stasuk met less than two months. However, in such a short period of communication a woman to buy for a young 23-year-old lover, were treated in restaurants and even paid for a holiday abroad. In the Studio talk show “On the case” with Dmitry Shepelev Merz said that Zdasiuk basely deceived her, pretending to be another person, and then she got mad, and she decided to demand compensation of moral harm.

“He first struck me as intelligent. I am very impressed by clever people. We met a month and a half high, on the second week, it became clear that this is not the man for whom it is” – said Ksenia.
Обманутая светская львица Ксения Мерц требует миллионы от экс-любовника

Merz and Sdasyuk met in a luxury karaoke club. The man presented himself as the son of the rector of one of capital universities, socialite believed him. After a while she realized that Alexander was a man not of her circle. The former wife of the oligarch decided to take revenge on her lover, she asked a personal security service to come to the house of Sasuke and take him to her cottage. According to the young person, the woman threatened and locked in the house for several hours, demanding the return of about five million rubles.

The woman was justified in this case, she told the guests and experts in the Studio talk show that just went for food and accidentally shut the door. During testing on the lie detector experts have found that Xenia really threaten a former lover, also the merc has a grudge against ex-lovers.

“Not all of these stupid chicken, each chicken has a soul,” said the ex-wife of an oligarch on the transfer.

Then in the Studio of the talk show came the housekeeper Merz, Suhl. The woman said that Ksenia cruel to all people. She humiliates, insults the attendants in his house, and keeps wages. The maid provided for the film an exclusive video in which the former wife of the oligarch’s screaming and using foul language against zuli.

“She treated us as slaves. I could no longer work in her house. You need to be treated, Xenia. I cleaned the toilet, the door was closed, she thought I used her bathroom. And not paid,” asked the housekeeper to the merc.

Suhl is not going to take revenge of Xenia and never experienced feelings of envy to the rich mistress. The test on the lie detector showed that the maid felt only hatred for the former boss.