Deceived by praise and reproaches himself for trusting

Обманутая Виктория Дайнеко корит себя за доверчивость The singer complained of scams. Victoria Dayneko did not hide the fact that her love is deceiving. The winner of the fifth “idol” upset that some prey on decent people.
Обманутая Виктория Дайнеко корит себя за доверчивость

Singer Victoria Dayneko not long ago, faced with the rogues, who, in her opinion, cashing in on gullible people. The actress did not specify whether it was a victim of enemies or someone she knew fell for the “bait” Scam. However, she shared her thoughts about what she is very naïve and can not determine fraud.

“I always like to cheat. Or am I just the most attentive. But these building history and fraud online payment systems I was obviously enraged. That’s how they steal people little by little and with each lucky winner will get a serious Fund that could save the life of a sick person, but no, steal something in his pocket, I suppose,” admitted Daineko.

Not so long ago, she was faced with the deception and in his personal life. The father of her daughter Lydia Dmitry Kleiman filed for divorce, but, according to Victoria Daineko, he did not even bother to tell her. The artist admitted that he learned about the decision of the spouse from journalists.

The winner of “Factory of stars” did not hide their jubilation when freed from family ties. She shared the news about the divorce with the fans and encouraged them to be happy for her.

“Accept congratulations! Ridiculous story called marriage is officially over and I’m finally free,” wrote Daineko in the microblog.

Fans in two ways embraced the publication of Victoria. Some believed that the singer did not become enduring relationship that has ceased to bring her joy. Others, however, condemned the actress for what she calls their marriage “a ridiculous story” – because she married for love and bore a daughter. Victoria Dayneko frankly told him how ruined her marriage

Victoria hinted that the reason for breaking up with a lover was his affair. Also the actress did not hide her close friend was desperately flirting with her husband. Apparently, Dayneko was very disappointed that we failed earlier to notice an unhealthy interest friend to the spouse. The actress did not hide it from fans and shared his thoughts about what happened with the followers.