Обманула всех: Екатерина Варнава уже замужем

While fans waited impatiently for the wedding of residence Comedy Women, she’s already married!

In October of last year, Kate received an offer of marriage from her boyfriend – dancer Konstantin Myakinkova.

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The engagement Barnabas told her colleague in the Comedy Women Nadezhda Sysoeva. She has published in social networks a picture in which the coast faces the kata, kneeled down. Despite the mysterious signature “And we have news! Katya made coffee!”, fans understood. It’s an engagement party!

And I was right. Barnabas really was going to marry, but any details to give refused. Here lovers come on Muz-TV, and on the ring fingers they have onion ring!

However, Katya and Kostya was again silent. Many even thought it was a joke, but just yesterday, Barnabas demonstrated the engagement ring.

The star made a playful record, “Minus the long legs – not chump squirrels”. And posted a photo of his slender legs. In the shot and hands, and with them the classic ring on the ring finger.

While some fans showered the feet of the stars compliments: “Gorgeous! Long legs rule!”, others asked questions about marriage. Only the lazy would not have noticed a heavy gold ring.

Kate on the questions of the fans has not yet met, but they do not doubt that their favorite star a happy marriage.

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