Погибшего российского спортсмена лишили олимпийской медали The sports community is shocked by the incident. The award, which Besik Kudukhov received in London in 2012, gave his opponent from India. The cause of the incident is the use of a fighter of doping.

      In 2012 Besik Kudukhov was holding the coveted Olympic silver he won at the games in London. A year later, the athlete died tragically in a traffic accident. After the death of the wrestler it was named after the alley in his hometown of Beslan.

      Kudukhov’s family still can not accept the loss. However, another blow for the relatives of the athlete was the event that happened yesterday in India. Opponent Besik at the Olympic games in London, they defeated the Indian wrestler the Yogeśvara Dattu, was awarded the silver medal of the Russian fighter. “This morning I was informed that I was awarded the silver medal of the London Olympics, is the bronze”, – confirmed the information the athlete in his official account in “Twitter”.

      According to Indian television, the World anti-doping Agency found in the preserved urine samples Kudukhov a certain banned drug. The name of the medication Indian TV channel did not specify.

      “We’re all wrestling the Russian community is very shocked by this decision of the IOC,” said the head coach of Russian freestyle wrestling Dzambolat Tedeev. – We will try to do everything to appeal this decision and leave Besik his well-deserved award.”

      With the words of the famous coach agreed his colleague Stanislav Ramonov. “It’s inhuman and outrageous to take away the award from someone, who are no longer with us – said “Komsomolskaya Pravda in the North Caucasus” honored coach of Russia on free-style wrestling – Today, we turn to the IOC an official letter, we require to clarify the situation and to leave Besik silver medal”.

      We will remind, after the triumphant return home with an Olympic medal with Some tragedy. The Russian wrestler from North Ossetia killed in December 2013. “Kudukhov drove in “Lada Priore” in the passenger seat, said the interior Ministry in Krasnodar region. – The driver of the car left on a counter strip where has faced with “Audi”. There was only one person. Both drivers suffered serious injuries. The main blow fell on the passenger seat “priors”.

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