Death ride: how the “Golden youth” of rides in luxury cars

Смертельная езда: как «золотая молодежь» гоняет на элитных авто The number of fatal accidents involving wealthy heirs in recent years has increased several times. “Golden youth” ignores all the official and unofficial rules of behavior on the roads. Today life devoid of the rights of streetracers Mara Baghdasaryan was detained again behind the wheel of a car… “StarHit” remembered resonant accidents involving young majors.
Смертельная езда: как «золотая молодежь» гоняет на элитных авто

The case of Anna Shavenkova has thundered all over the country in December 2009. A fatal accident occurred in Irkutsk. 28-year-old daughter of the Chairman of regional Election Committee Lyudmila shavenkova hit two sisters Yulia and Yelena Pyatkova. The first woman was an invalid, and the second died.

Camera outdoor CCTV camera recorded the car hitting Shavenkova women. The next day the record was published online. In spring 2010 resonant accidents discussed in the program “Let them talk”. Anna Shavenkova at all repented, moreover, refused to apologize to the victim and her relatives.

The court sentenced Shavenkova to 2.5 colonies, but deferred real punishment until 2024: Anna have a young daughter. However, in may 2015 a boy racer, and all were amnestied. In the end Shavenkova is a day not spent in the colony. Family Pyatkova convicted had to pay more than 800 thousand rubles, but she has repaid so far only about two hundred. Anna explained that until now can not find work after the tragedy.

“My life consists of nothing. Just out of nothing. I can’t find a job. I frankly say: “Change your name”. No one wants to mess with me,” – said Anna reporters.
Смертельная езда: как «золотая молодежь» гоняет на элитных авто

Stritreysera Mara Baghdasaryan in the last few years, regularly appearing on the front pages of Russian tabloids. The girl was repeatedly violated traffic rules. Mara’s dad is an influential businessman, owner of OOO “Nuchar” Elmar Baghdasaryan. The public called the father of the racers “sausage king”.

The first big accident, which “lit up” Mara, happened in October of 2015. The girl had an accident on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Luxury car, in the back seat which was a girl, crashed into a Range Rover that burned down in a matter of minutes after the collision. Baghdasaryan with multiple injuries was taken to the hospital. She was in a coma for several weeks. As reported by journalists, the mother of Mary day and night wept and prayed at the chamber of the daughter. Baghdasaryan survived and, in her own words, is now constantly monitored by doctors.

In spite of numerous injuries after his fatal journey, Mara speed is not less. A year later, he became a real star of street racing. The girl with enviable regularity was at first the police, then to court. Behavior lehocki on the road provoked intense public debate.

One of the most resonant Mara’s offences occurred in may 2016. Then stritreysera and four guys tried to evade the police. At the time of the races the company of young people was broadcasting live at Periscope, insulting law enforcement officers.

Смертельная езда: как «золотая молодежь» гоняет на элитных авто

For dozens of violations and non-payment of fines, the court sentenced Maru to a year of correctional labor. A racer had to sweep the streets of the capital. Soon justice accused Baghdasarian of faking sick list. It was alleged that Mara was going to shy away from its harvesting area. It is worth noting that during the court hearings, he stated that he feels a sense of guilt for his behavior on the Moscow roads. However, the girl never ceased to break. In the end it was deprived of the license, but it appears from today’s detention, does not stop 24-year-old stritreysera.

Смертельная езда: как «золотая молодежь» гоняет на элитных авто

In February of last year, 26-year-old employee of one of the banking institutions Vartan Sarkisov on a luxury Porsche car knocked down 58-year-old Andrei Shestakov. The man went into the service in Trinity Church, he lived not far from the temple.

He raced on the track at high speed of about 145 miles per hour. It is worth noting that expensive car belonged to the mother of a Scorcher, which is engaged in business activities. By the way, in one of the social networks Vartan was marked as the best friend of Mara Baghdasaryan. At the first hearing the court he immediately apologized to the family of the deceased Andrei Shestakov.

“I didn’t want to take such a sin, nor bring grief to someone else’s family. I am sincerely sorry for such stupidity, such stupidity affected people. Probably, somewhere deep down I’d rather it was me,” repent Vartan in court.
Смертельная езда: как «золотая молодежь» гоняет на элитных авто
Смертельная езда: как «золотая молодежь» гоняет на элитных авто

Examination has established: he was drunk the day of the accident. The reckless driver have got criminal case for “Violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of the person”. The prisoner admitted his guilt. To date information about at what stage is the case Sarkisova, no. All pages of the young man on the Internet is deleted or not active.

In the beginning of December, 2017 in the Irkutsk region law enforcement officers detained 19-the summer driver Stanislaus, Dzirkvadze. The young man at parent Porsche got into a fatal accident on the oncoming lane, which resulted in the death of two. The guy fled the scene of the accident. A day later police found the young man. It turned out that the reckless driver learns in the Academy of law, formerly Stanislav already got in the field sight of militiamen, he was suspected of beating a girl.

Смертельная езда: как «золотая молодежь» гоняет на элитных авто

Witnesses to the accident told police that Dzirkvadze began to call her mother after the collision of cars. Luxury cars belonged to her, a former employee of the migration service. Examination has established that at the time of the accident he was drunk. While Dzirkvadze is the status of the accused. The court a young man waiting in custody (recently this period was extended to 10 may). This decision insisted the relatives of the victims in the accident.