Dean Nemtsov was fond of dangerous diet

Дина Немцова увлеклась опасной диетой The girl shared with journalists their beauty secrets. Dean Nemtsov admitted that in the childhood was rather plump child, so I decided to lose a few pounds. Ekaterina Odintsov managed to stop the heir.

15-year-old Dina Nemtsov – the daughter of the deceased politician and the owner of the PR Agency Ekaterina Odintsov. Last year she was among the debutantes of the ball of a popular glossy publication. Dina recently gave an interview in which he told about their beauty secrets, tips father and plans for the future.

According to Nemcova, she tries to eat right. Now Dina refused the chocolate and limit yourself to foods that contain gluten. “It’s not a diet, but a lifestyle,” she says. The girl is not a vegetarian, but trying to replace milk with almond. However, Dina is not always adhered to this approach to my diet.

“In my childhood I was a chubby child, but other children did not take it very well and so I began to lose weight. Sitting on the protein diet mixed with vegetables. I didn’t know that this food is very harmful for the body. This told me the mom that advised me to start eating healthy food. The right food for me to eat less flour, chocolate and other bad foods. It is necessary to concurrently exercise to improve metabolism,” she said.

For Breakfast Dina prefers cheesecake with bananas, and for dinner loves risotto in chicken broth and fish. Sometimes, the girl indulges himself in a candy store.

In the future, the heir of a prominent politician would like to be an artist. Now she is studying in the specialized school under the name of MGHPA Stroganova and preparing for admission to the relevant University. Nemtsov acknowledged that the people of creative professions can be difficult to find a job. However, she tries to hope for the best. Dina believes that it will realize themselves in this area.

In recognition of the girls, no one even could not think that she will decide to become an artist. However, close did not go against her decision and supported it. With her mother Dina is a very warm, trusting relationship. “We’re not only best friends, it’s even beyond that”, says the daughter of a politician. Nemtsov tries to emulate the parent and is inspired by her achievements.

“I am very grateful to him for what he has always been honest with me. He always said that I can develop in that direction, which I’m more interested in. I really want to make him proud, every major decision, knowing that he would have advised me,” – said the girl in an interview