Дин МакДэрмотт отказался оплатить обучение сына-школьника

Ex-wife Dina McDermott, current husband tori spelling really angry at him. Last week it became known that at a baby shower, a party concerning the birth of the unborn child, the star of the popular 90s series “Beverly hills 90210” has spent 40 thousand dollars, and this despite the fact that she and her husband have a huge debt to the Bank.

Mary Jo, Dean’s ex-wife and mother of his eldest son Jack, now requires ex-husband paid her a hundred thousand dollars of child support owed. Eighteen-year-old man need to pay for College, that money would be useful. Mary reasonably thought that if Macdermott is possible to skip the forty-thousand for night, then surely there are funds to pay off old debts.
“Dean needs to Jack tens of thousands of dollars. Mary is outraged by his behavior and considers it unjustified extravagance disgusting” — said the insider.
By the way, the eldest son Dean, has recently announced his sexual orientation and his mother said that he was proud of his courage. It is, however, not the topic of his father’s debt. But in case a lawsuit that Mary was sent to the Higher Los Angeles court, demanding to recover the debt from the 50-year-old Dean. Since September of last year the woman has not seen a dime in child support.
“He just stopped paying. Dean lives in debt. In total, his debts amount to $ 2 million,” — said the insider.
Recall that for tori the baby will be the fifth, for Dean, the sixth, and he will appear not in the best for his family. However, it is hoped that his grandmother’s candy, which, according to insiders, paid baby-shower, to help his parents pay off debt.